Wine is one of the most famous and exquisite alcoholic beverages in the world. However, there are many myths that have been circulated through the centuries. Given the large number of varieties available, you may be wondering what to buy to share with your friends? What is the ideal wine to accompany a plate of seafood or cheese? If so, don’t worry, read on and you’ll find some basic, useful tips:

The ideal pairing

You can’t call yourself a wine connoisseur if you don’t know the ideal pairing with each cheese, so here are some basic examples:
If you have a dry white wine, your best option is to serve it accompanied by a goat cheese. On the other hand, to accompany rosé wine, there is nothing like a great cow’s cheese.

Regarding red wines:  If you want to enjoy a reserva red wine, there is nothing better than to accompany it with a smoked cheese with a powerful flavour. Now, if sweet wine is your thing, it would be ideal to accompany it with a good blue cheese tapa.

If you prefer fruity whites, then you have to know that the best pairing for them are soft cheeses. And finally, nothing will surpass a red crianza as an accompaniment to a Manchego cheese tapa.

Opening the bottle correctly

Not only is it important to choose the right wine, it is also important to open it well to avoid the cork breaking or falling into the bottle. To avoid these common mistakes, you have to nail the corkscrew right in the middle of the cork in a straight line and without pressing it too much.Open it 10 minutes before pouring it.

In order for the wine to be oxygenated and its aromas better appreciated, it is recommended to open it approximately 10 minutes before tasting it. It is also highly recommended to serve it in a decanter, so that the wine can breathe properly.

Choose the right glass

Depending on the type of wine, a certain type of the glass is chosen. It may seem like a minor detail, but it is very important in order to enjoy the wine properly.  For example, champagne is served in a thin, elongated glass. On the other hand, you will need a glass with a wider top if you want to drink red wine.

Never fill the glass to the brim.

The amount of wine to be served is another very important point. It is well known that the glass should not be filled as if you were drinking a glass of water.  The reason why the glass should not be filled is because this will prevent you from appreciating the aromas of the wine, since it will be impossible to move it without spilling it.  Nevertheless, it should not be served meagerly either. The ideal measure is never to exceed half the glass, so use this limit as a reference when serving wine to your guests.

Choose the best

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