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About us.

About the origin of our project started in the steep mountains of the PRIORAT, with its vineyards producing wines of extreme quality and character making  them unique in the world.

Geographically, the PRIORAT, at only 40 km from the sea, rises as a unique island from the rest of a dramatic territory, with vineyards in the west and limestone areas in the south reaching the Mediterranean sea. A calm sea enjoying freshness and warmth together favours the elaboration of wines with fresh fruit and long ripening.

The feeling that we belong to these lovely landscapes between the mountains of PRIORAT and the Mediterranean sea, convinced us to develop wines from these areas.

The spirit of our project, CELLERS MELIS, brings together two concepts of wines, some produced in the heart of the PRIORAT and others close to the Mediterranean. Our perception of the territory goes beyond the geographical and administrative limitation of a producing area. We conceive the idea of ​​wines from the earth linked to a type of soil and strict climate in an atmosphere of oenological freedom, which represents the non-limitations of the master winemaker in any stage of the elaborating process, hence, resulting in a  internationally recognized, ecological and diverse wines much too the delight of the most curious.

20 years making handcrafted wines

Javier López

Javier López, Agricultural Engineer and MBA from the University of California, worked several years in his family wine distribution company in Switzerland. In 1999 he decided to buy a propriety in TORROJA DEL PRIORAT and to plant 6 hectares of vineyard of high density and low yield. Within the estate there was a second 105 years old Carignan vineyard that he recovered over the years. In 2004 he produced the first wine, MELIS 2004, DOQ PRIORAT, which was awarded with 94 points PARKER. The BESSONS vineyard of 4.5 Ha in Torroja del Priorat was also incorporated into the project, which, together with the MELIS estate, are the two largest single vineyards in Torroja del Priorat.

Toni Sánchez

In 2005, Antoni Sánchez, graduated in Chemistry and PhD in Enology, joined the production team while new vineyards were added to CELLERS MELIS.

Since then, the team was completed by a number of members who, year after year, in the vineyards and wineries, guarantee the effort, continuity and regularity of our quality.

In 2007 Antoni Sanchez conceived the range of SAURI wines, a concept of young and natural wines not subject to any Appellation Council, coming from Montsant vineyards that over time has been extended to 6 references for all palates.

In 2015, a second winery and its vineyards, located in Tarragona, 20 miles from PRIORAT and 3 miles from the Mediterranean Sea, were incorporated to the project.

The unique identity of their lands

Quality of Melis wines

Among the twelve Catalan denominations, the Priorato is without a doubt the one that has achieved the most international renown in a short period of time. But El Priorato is giving an incredible change, renewing the viticulture, the elaboration and the aging bringing wines with more finesse and complexity without detracting from the character and strength that characterize the wines of this area.

The quality of its wines, both traditional and new, is based on a unique microclimate and soil.



Visit our gallery of videos and photographs to know all the details that make the making of our wines are considered unique.

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